I am lucky to be able to call the Cecchi's my friends. I have know Dustin for... forever. When Dustin and Elisa asked if I would do a Family Film for them to announce their pregnancy, well how could I say no?! Love you guys, can't wait to meet the next little one.
Cotton Candy, Carnies, a Sword Swallower (spoiler alert!) and the Grimes Family!

Dave + Kacie and their twins Jude and Jordan. I have known Dave for a long time. In fact, we were born in the same hospital.. on the same day. When Jude and Jordan were born they were neighbors with my daughter Lucy in the NICU. There was more than one late night text from Dave and Kacie to my wife and I that Lucy was doing great. Or from us to them saying that the twins were causing a ruckus... and doing great. I have watched Jude and Jordan grow from tiny babies (kinda), to not so tiny toddlers. I have been around since it was just.. Big Dave. To Dave and Kacie. To see you turn into an amazing family. Kacie, you truly have your hands full with this group of wild boys (all 3 of them). You are a testament to love, support and patience. I love you guys. Thank you for allowing me to spend the afternoon with your family. Come and watch the Rivera Family take an afternoon adventure!

Stephen and Kelly and their baby Dottie!  Spent some time in Dottie's room and playing outside.... and surprise!  Their family is growing!!!

I can't think of a better way to celebrate Andy and Ella's 1st birthday! I got to spend an afternoon with the Hall Family and create a Family Film for them. Tom and Kristi are truly wonderful people and their kids aren't to shabby either.. Happy Birthday Andy and Ella!

Bridget approached me about a Family Film for her son Tristen's 1st birthday. After a few emails and messages it became more apparent that we were going to be doing something a little bit different. Tristen is surrounded by his Mom, Dad, Brother and SIster, his Cousins, Aunts and Grandparents! So I made the trip up to Santa Cruz, a favorite spot of the family, and spent the afternoon with Tristen and his Village. It really does take a Village to raise a child, meet Tristen's!

Caring, kind, fun-loving and goofy. Throw in a lizard and a few chickens and you get The Petersen Family! I had the pleasure of spending some time with them on a 'normal' day...